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What's All The HUE 'N' SCRY About?
We Design
  • Brands
  • Corporate Identity
  • Logos
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Comics
  • Customized Cartoons
  • Digital Portraits
  • Albums & Invitations
  • Customized Art Gifts
  • Merchandise
You Will Love Us Because
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[st_service_box show_view_more=”yes” icon=”icon-Tie” title=”Brand Design” button_name=”See our work” link_button=”url:%2Fportfolio_category%2Fbrand-design%2F|title:Brand%20Design||”]Logos, flyers, brochures, corporate stationery, interior visual branding, corporate merchandise – we make sure your brand stands out in the clutter![/st_service_box]
[st_service_box show_view_more=”yes” icon=”icon-Pencil” title=”Comics” button_name=”See our work” link_button=”url:%2Fportfolio_category%2Fcomics%2F|title:Comics||”]Tickle your funny bone with our comics! Want some for your personal or professional use? Ping us right away![/st_service_box]
[st_service_box show_view_more=”yes” icon=”icon-User” title=”Customized Art” button_name=”See our work” link_button=”url:%2Fportfolio_category%2Fcustomized-cartoons%2F|title:Customized%20Cartoons||”]You dream, we draw! Let us draw your imaginations, portray people as /with their favourite celebrity/character or even Pokemon![/st_service_box]
[st_service_box show_view_more=”yes” icon=”icon-Tshirt” title=”Merchandise” button_name=”Shop Now” link_button=”url:%2Fshop%2F|title:Shop||”]We bring our quirky style and ideas to you through our exclusive merchandise that includes t-shirts and trendy sling bags![/st_service_box]
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[st_our_process][st_process_item title=”Getting to know you” process_image=”2530″]The brand is the brain child of the internal stakeholders. We strongly believe that only a design that satisfies the stakeholders completely will truly represent the brand. To study this we analyse your likes, dislikes, perceptions, preferences, target group and competitors from your lens to arrive at the next stage of the design process.[/st_process_item][st_process_item title=”Market Study” process_image=”2527″]Two main objectives of this study are:

  • To ensure your brand stands out in the category
  • To ensure your brand, though differentiated, adheres to category codes which aids in brand recall

We analyse the codes of the category – consumer perceptions, colour, communication style, graphic representation, fonts, symbols, icons, motifs – to make sure no stone is unturned in giving our best for your brand[/st_process_item][st_process_item title=”Trial” process_image=”2528″]We understand designing your brand is a task of commitment and understanding. To ensure the chemistry is right, we have an initial trial period where we will present one round of design. This would help you in understanding our approach and analyse the compatibility for going forward. Rest assured, we have emerged as brand partners for all the projects we have stepped into![/st_process_item][st_process_item title=”Feedback & Testing” process_image=”2529″]Basis your feedback we go back to the drawing board and sketch our thoughts to present you with fresh ideas, rejuvenated! Once you are satisfied with the outcome, we test the waters by sending out the designs to a select few based upon the identified consumer audience and implement the necessary changes and arrive at the final identity for your brand[/st_process_item][/st_our_process]

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[st_team_member_box style=”custom” social_member_array=”%5B%7B%7D%5D” image_member=”2467″ name_member=”Preethi Ramaswamy” position_member=”Brand Consultant & Graphic Designer”]PGDM Marketing – SPJIMR, Mumbai

Having previously worked with various Indian and multi-national companies as a Marketing Manager at DY Works, Mumbai, and as part of the Creative Team at JWT, she has a wide range of experience across sectors in brand design, graphic illustrations and marketing communication. Creative and enthusiastic, her expertise lies in client relations and in adding a marketing perspective to your designs to make them stand out![/st_team_member_box]

[st_team_member_box style=”custom” social_member_array=”%5B%7B%7D%5D” image_member=”2468″ name_member=”Urvaksh Tavadia” position_member=”Cartoonist & Illustrator”]PGDM Marketing – IIM Indore

As a member of the Indian Institute of Cartoonists, Urvaksh has had his cartoons published in newspapers and exhibited alongside the renowned work of Indian and Foreign cartoonists. Known for his sense of humor and wit, he brings his innovative approach and out of the box ideas to life with his colours and imaginations. The “Idea Box” as he is known, he is a man of few words who expresses through his drawings![/st_team_member_box]

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Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We know best that all great design and art is a manifestation of an imagination that cannot be worded easily. What you need to do is, let us know you have that little spark of an idea in your mind. We will scry it out for you. Don’t you worry!

[st_service_box style=”style-2″ text_align=”text-left” icon=”icon-Mail” icon_size=”45″]info@huenscry.com[/st_service_box]
[st_service_box style=”style-2″ text_align=”text-left” icon=”icon-WorldWide” icon_size=”45″]Mumbai[/st_service_box]

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